Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Turn down your freakin bass. If you knew anything about waves, you'd realize how much further low frequencies carry. I can't think with all that noise. Granted, I can't really think anyway, but that's an internal problem that doesn't concern you.

So anyway, here's my quote of the day.
"But don't confuse progress with perfectibility. A great poet is always timely. A great philosopher is an urgent need. There's no rush for Isaac Newton. We were quite happy with Aristotle's cosmos. 55 crystal spheres geared to God's crankshaft is my idea of a satisfying universe." -Arcadia, Tom Stoppard

I like it even though I don't entirely agree. We needed Isaac Newton because his theory was true, at least, on large scales. It helped demystify nature and explain natural laws mathematically. Calculus messed things up a bit with infinitessimals, but it was worth it. I like calculus. It's better than this linear algebra bullshit. Anyway, the point about the quote is that a scientific theory doesn't really tell us what its consequences are for human nature. That is the philosopher's job. An integrated view of existence that MUST incorporate science and cosmology. Poets (exclusing the ones with postmodernist tendencies) also give us perspective and insight into issues relevant to our daily lives. But the speed of light and curved space-time really have nothing to do with how I should live my life or what value I find in everyday things.

On the other hand, you gotta throw out your quaint, picturesque theories when they are proved false. That's dishonest, that's self-delusion, that's faith. Rid yourself of it.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I watched Lord of the Rings tonight. It was good. I'm really not one to go in for science fiction/fantasy, but it was much better than I had expected. I much prefer the historical, good v. evil theme, with rampant, corny dark/light symbolism than spaceage scifi that has absolutely no point. But this was really uplifting and heart-warming. Awww...I know. I suffer deeply.

I got in an argument with some fundamentalist Christian dude the other day. He was intelligent which was initially refreshing, but that too got stale. This is nothing close to verbatim, but I'll try to convey the gist.

Crazy dude (CD): So nothing has any meaning, because it's all due to chance, it's all random...
ME: No, it's not due to chance, because people make choices based on their characters. And the universe is governed by natural laws which we can explain and understand to a large extent, so it's not like everything is "random."
CD: I just find that hard to believe, because God is such a big part of my life.
CD: I am a deep sinner.
ME: Why?
CD: I do immoral things, I check out girls' asses...doesn't that bother you?
ME: No. It's normal. It's natural.
CD: That sounds awfully relativistic (we had already established that neither of us was a relativist)
ME: No, it's not. But it's something we can't change and don't have choice over (having a sex drive) so you can't say that it's immoral. The desire, at least. Acting on it is another thing.
CD: Just because it's human nature doesn't make it right. It's only human nature because society said so.

This bothers me. Just because something is part of society doesn't mean society *created* it. It's part of our language because we named something that is a metaphysical fact. Which is basically the entire purpose of language, isn't it? Well anyway, the conversation was totally pointless and going nowhere. He left. Stay away from religion and politics. Stay away from people in general. Except for the good ones. And oh yeah, to top it all, the crazy fucker has a girlfriend. Why? Why, I ask you! WHY?

Friday, September 27, 2002

The blog crept in on little cat feet...well here we go. This is my blog. I really hate self-indulgent egomaniacal blogs that are only about an adolescent "is anyone out there can anyone understand me?" message to the world. And I hope I can be less sophomoric than that. But nevertheless, there is something really tempting about actually posting to a blog with the possibility that someone is reading it. And I need to work on my writing skills, and I want to be a better person than the person I am for real. I think I'm headed in the right direction, but goddammit, I am almost never the person I want to be (and the person I think I really am) in real life. Maybe the blogosphere will be the medium for self-improvement. I don't know. But I've done it now, so here goes for better or worse. By the way, do you know who I am?